PCP ina shuí
04.03.2021 00:00
PCP ina shuí
06.03.2021 21:00
PCP ina shuí
11.03.2021 00:00

Playing a mix of the very latest in modern dance music. Also, a nostalgic trip through dance music history, visiting Calypso, Caibre, Klaidhsmir and many more.

This eclectic show will feature many well-known guest-dj’s on the turn-tables; artists including Marcach Céirníní an Phutóg Scaoilte, Arainn ‘na Hucht mar Thaibhse Aaron, Má, Micillín Uafásach, Neil Langers Maith-go- Leor, and others whom I never heard of in my life like Dj Rupture, Aaron Spectre, IF, Mike Dread, Neil Landstrom.


Foilsithe 29 Meán Fómhair 2016

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