Guth Aduaidh – Scoth Fáilte

Guth Aduaidh – Scoth Fáilte
25.09.2021 09:00
Guth Aduaidh – Scoth Fáilte
26.09.2021 12:00
Guth Aduaidh – Scoth Fáilte
27.09.2021 11:00

Magazine programme with Eoghan Ó Néill of Raidió Fáilte. Eoghan Ó Néill from Raidió Fáilte presents a collection of the biggest news stories covered on Raidió Fáilte to our audience on Raidió na Life. The show focusses on the main stories gaining coverage in Belfast and in Northern Ireland during the week. In this joint venture between Raidió na Life and Raidió Fáilte we bring a Guth Aduaidh (a Northern Voice) to a Dublin audience.

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