Seisiún 106.4FM Le Gardiner Music

Seisiún 106.4FM Le Gardiner Music
24.02.2020 18:00
Seisiún 106.4FM Le Gardiner Music
27.02.2020 13:00
Seisiún 106.4FM Le Gardiner Music
02.03.2020 00:00

Gardiner music is a fortnightly live music show presented by Caoimhe Ní Riagáin, the founder of music promoter Gardiner Music.  Gardiner music organises live concerts with new Irish bands  while supporting charities and social justice groups. The show features a mix of live studio sessions with Irish bands along with new Irish music,

The Gardiner Music Radio Hour is broadcast  on Mondays from 6pm on Raidió na Life. If you are in a band and interested in recording a radio session, please contact 

Listen back on Mixcloud to some bands who have joined Caoimhe in studio including Kíla , who recorded a 30 year anniversary session for the show.

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