Fios Feasa
27.11.2020 10:00
Fios Feasa
30.11.2020 20:00
Fios Feasa
01.12.2020 20:00

Fios Feasa is our flagship magazine show which airs a mix of arts and culture stories along with news stories of interest to the Irish language community in Dublin.

If you want to contact the production team with a story, send a mail to

Join in on the conversation online on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites with the hashtag #FiosFeasa.


Anna Ní Fearghail is from Mullingar county Westmeath and she is in her third year of her Irish and communications degree in NUI Galway. Read more
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Róisín Ní Mhaoláin
Láithreoir An Meangadh Mór Déardaoin, agus le cloisteáil ar An Bricfeasta Blasta agus Meon na mBan. Read more
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Enda Rowen is a DJ with the collective DIP who have their own electronic music show on Raidió na Life every Monday. Read more
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