Fada is Fairsing

Fada is Fairsing
02.03.2021 19:30
Fada is Fairsing
04.03.2021 02:30
Fada is Fairsing
04.03.2021 14:00

Fada is Fairsing started out on Raidió na Life in the year of the Gathering 2013 at a time where the Irish community abroad was on the increase.

The show shares some of the stories and experiences of Irish speakers from around the world, including news stories, Irish language events or just a few funny tales to send home with a few tracks of music from near and far thrown in for good measure.

Is you are an Irish speaker or if you know of any Irish speakers living, learning or traveling abroad, you too can get in touch with the show to share your stories and join us wherever you are in the world at 7:30pm every Tuesday.

Contact Lisa on Raidió na Life’s Facebook page or by email at beo@raidionalife.ie

Lisa Nic an Bhreithimh has been a volunteer with Raidió na Life since 2011 and she presents Fada is Fairsing every Tuesday evening on Raidió na Life. Read more
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