Aon Scéal?

Aon Scéal?
25.10.2017 11:30
Aon Scéal?
27.10.2017 02:30
Aon Scéal?
27.10.2017 14:00

Do you like to read? Well, this is the show for you. Aon Scéal? with Róisín Adams includes reviews and interviews with authors as well as a look each week at her special guest’s favourite book.

If you’d like to do a review or talk to Róisín about your favourite book, contact us on

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Peadar Mac Gaoithín
Peadar Mac Gaoithín presents the music show, Ar Do Shuaimhneas , every Friday night on Raidió na Life. He has had a great interest in music since his time as a student in Galway back in the early nineties. Peadar works full-time as a reporter with RTÉ Nuacht and TG4, but he particularly enjoys playing new music on ‘Ar Do Shuaimhneas’. Read more
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