Buille Sa Bhreis
23.04.2019 14:30
Buille Sa Bhreis
25.04.2019 09:00
Buille Sa Bhreis
28.04.2019 16:00

Buille sa Bhreis takes the listener on a musical journey, flitting from modern Irish classical music to rock, experimental, jazz, world music, and hip-hop. Tune in and expect the unexpected!


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Emma Ní Chearúil
Emma Ní Chearúil is a co-presenter of An Bricfeasta Blasta every Tuesday morning on Raidió na Life. Read more
Jaume Vidanes i Camó
Jaume Vidanes i Camó is a Catalan native living in Dublin for over a decade. Jaume began his radio career in Catalonia where he had several music shows. Read more
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