Buille Sa Bhreis
17.11.2019 16:00
Buille Sa Bhreis
19.11.2019 14:30
Buille Sa Bhreis
21.11.2019 09:00

Buille sa Bhreis takes the listener on a musical journey, flitting from modern Irish classical music to rock, experimental, jazz, world music, and hip-hop. Tune in and expect the unexpected!


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Lynn Rickard
Lynn Rickard graduated with a Fiontar degree in Irish and Journalism in DCU. She is one third of Tiúin an Triúir, a group of journalists/radio presenters and one half of the presenters broadcasting live every Tuesdsay along with Gráinne Ní Shearcaigh. Read more
Barra Mac Aodha Bhuí
Barra Mac Aodha Bhuí reads the news headlines on Raidió na Life every Monday. Read more
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